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All members of the AYPA must adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

  • Members must act with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, diligence and appropriate behaviour at all times in their business and professional dealings.

  • Members must conduct their business in a manner which enhances the operation, image and reputation of the entertainment industry.

  • Members will ensure Equity contracts (Collective Agreements) are offered wherever possible and performers are paid for all work they do.

  • The affairs and conduct of The AYPA shall remain strictly private and confidential.

  • All members, associates and assistants will be registered with the DBS update service at all times 

  • Members will ensure a performance licence is in place as per section 25 of the Children’s and Young Persons Act 1933 and section 37 of the Children’s and Young Persons Act 1963 along with the Children (Performances and Activities) 2014 for all children under MSLA where applicable.

  • Parent chaperones will be made aware they are required to uphold regulatory compliance and will forward time sheets to the licence holder which will be held by the applicant for a period of 6 months.

  • Where applicable members will undertake due diligence to satisfy themselves that prior representation has been terminated in writing.

  • Agency agreements must explicitly state all medium covered by representation (both sole and non-sole) stating the level of commission (as applicable) and the method of transfer to the agent. Any variation in commission rate must be agreed with the client, parent/guardian in writing.

  • Members cannot charge upfront fees to models unless they have successfully sourced employment for the client and the fee is stipulated in their agency agreement. Upfront fees may only be charged for the representation of talent after 30 (THIRTY) calendar days. For the avoidance of doubt the client, parent/guardian will not be financially penalised if they withdraw from representation during this period.

  • Members may charge a fee for other services as long as the terms and conditions are detailed in a separate document and this has been furnished in advance however members cannot make using other services provided a condition of representation. For the avoidance of doubt this includes photography sittings, classes or workshops.

  • Members will hold a separate client account. All monies shall be transferred to the client within 10 (TEN) calendar days of receipt of clear funds. Members must not withhold payments due or make unlawful deductions. Fees due to a chaperone are not subject to commission.

  • Members shall not seek to enforce any time restriction should a client, parent/guardian wish to seek representation elsewhere. Any notice period could be considered a restriction of trade.

  • Members must be registered with the ICO and comply with applicable data protection laws in respect of their clients personal data. Images of children under 18 years of age should not include identifiable sensitive data accessible to the general public such as age or specific location.

  • Members agree that information distributed via casting channels is confidential and copyright remains with the relevant sender or provider. Members of the association will only use the casting breakdowns, and the information set out in them, for the purposes of suggesting clients for the relevant casting opportunity, by the agreed submission method. All production information (including individual roles/casting breakdowns) sent should be treated as strictly private and confidential and details will not be released to any other parties.

  • Members will keep records for at least 6 (SIX) years from the date of the last entry.

  • Requests for assistance from board members should be restricted to business hours

  • Any member who is in serious or persistent breach of the code of conduct or who otherwise acts in a way which is inappropriate for a member of the association may be called upon to explain their conduct. The member will be given the chance to explain or excuse they conduct and to say why they should not have their membership revoked.

Commission split between former and current agent.

  • Upon terminating a client agreement the former agent should, to the best of their ability, provide a protected list within 10 days to the new agent including detailing all current/ongoing client contracts and supply a list of all submissions (including availability checks) made on behalf of the client up to the date of termination, specifically the role(s) the client has been submitted for, and to whom, and whether a meeting has been arranged, or has occurred

  • The new agent, if a member, shall acknowledge receipt within 2 weeks.

  • Where commission may continue to arise from previous engagements members will use their best endeavours to conclude a mutually satisfactory arrangement is in place and details are provided in writing between the former and the new agent.

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