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The AYPA aims to establish a framework of professional practice when representing children and young performers across the entertainment industry. Founded by agents for agents, the members association provides a platform for children’s agents to drive professional practice and highlight issues important to young talent and the agents who represent them. The network offers support and guidance around issues specific to representing children however The AYPA does not operate as a regulatory body.

Agents are welcome to apply for membership who meet the minimum criteria.



As a member of The AYPA you can display the association logo and links on your website reassuring clients you follow best practice and the code of conduct. Belonging to a professional association aids in offering transparency and added credibility to your agency. 

You will benefit from a supportive community with opportunities to network with other industry professionals as well as a collective perspective on all industry matters concerning children and young performers. Members will be kept up to date with licence policies and legislation and collectively bring change where it is greatly needed. You will also have the benefit of building relationships with other industry bodies such as Equity, PACT, The CDA and The CDG as well as access to an abundance of shared knowledge with fellow members and our in house advice panel.  

We welcome applications from agents that have been trading for a minimum of 3 years and can adhere and agree to our code of conduct.

Applicants will need to have recommendations from at least 2 full members of the AYPA and at least 50% of their clients must be under the age of 18 years old.

Both individuals and organisations are eligible for membership however all individuals operating under the umbrella of the organisation who has a children or young adult on their talent list would be required to agree to the AYPA code and register DBS update pins


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